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  • We define ourselves as the
    new age in agency.

  • We are located at the intersection of creativity,
    digital marketing and technology.

  • We are agile and of the moment.

We are located at the intersection of creativity, digital marketing and technology.

We are a creative digital marketing technology agency helping our clients connect the many touchpoints of their brands with their customers. We do this by working across the digital landscape, actively influencing and leveraging their customers’ behaviors through creativity, storytelling, analytics and technology.

Our Services

We are agile and of the moment – like your brand, evolving fresh ideas, plans and services that leverage the liquid, changing digital landscape of the Internet.


Digital marketing is the foundation of what we do. We understand how to leverage digital and advance client brands' across the multitude of devices, platforms and networks to connect their valuable touchpoints in a highly creative yet effective and quantitative manner.


The impact of creative to digital marketing is like thunder to lightning. Our creative teams include ideationists, strategists, writers, designers, artists, musicians, animators, film makers and a few non-conformists who like to buck the status-quo. Their one aim is to produce remarkably creative work that breaks through to move and influence customers.


With our ORACLE Social Relationship Management product, we deliver on our social media strategies through listening & monitoring, community management and engagement, social marketing, channel planning, relationship nurturing, insights and social data – all in real time.


Our bedrock Search Engine Optimization (SEO) underpins all of our digital work. There is both an art and science to getting found through search over the Internet and we understand both. Building authoritative presence takes time, careful planning and specific, targeted tactics. Merged with business objectives, marketing and social engagement, we deliver relevant and impactful metrics that add value and growth to our client brands' through our integrated end-to-end SEO solution.


The Internet has created a blast furnace that consumes content faster than it can be created. Content is fuel for the Internet and is one of the simple, single and compelling reasons of why we are online. Brand authored content is not about selling, but rather on creating relevant, valuable and on-going communications with our clients' customers. By creative content worth sharing via news, video, blogs, e-books, infographics, and white papers to name a few, we influence consumers across the valuable touchpoints within our clients' digital and social landscape.


With over 86% of retail and business consumers searching online before they buy, an effective and impactful website that can be found quickly through search is critical to any company's business needs. Users expect a positive customer experience online. We create that experience through developing websites that are fully optimized for search, responsive for mobile use and inclusive to user needs such as the design and function of websites that are compatible to user disability standards (AODA)


Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics are an integral component to our entire service offerings. Our social media business intelligence and website analytics are powered by Oracle. Our analysts and implementations teams leverage the insights and intelligence we glean from the data to apply and invest it towards growing the measured return on our clients’ investments. Oracle business intelligence provides us a valuable roadmap to connect the touchpoints of our client brands' online.


Online video viewing accounts for over 50% of consumer Internet traffic and over 52 % of consumers say watching a product video makes them more confident in their purchase decisions. With over 100 hours of video uploaded every minute on You Tube it’s not hard to understand the importance and impact video makes to a brand. Our video production services are broadcast quality. We optimize the videos for search engine optimization and to support our clients’ social media strategies.


According to the IAB, online advertising exceeded broadcast TV for the first time in 2013 by over $3,000,000,000. The paradigm has officially shifted. Search advertising represents about 46% of total digital ad revenues. Google stats tell us that over 86% of people looking to buy goods or services check on line before they buy. Our team is Google Certified and qualified for all other paid search networks. We utilize cloud-based technology to power our paid search programs providing real-time reporting and results analysis. With the overwhelming take-over of mobile in the paid search space we are adaptive and versatile in utilizing this shift to enable our clients to reduce their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and increase conversions on their websites that increase activity and sales.

Touchpoints. Connected.

“Connecting the touchpoints between customer data, behaviors, insights, needs & wants, friends & influencers, content, products and the services to your brand.”

Recent Work

We define ourselves as the new age in agency - more than traditional digital or creative firms. We are the evolution. We engage customers by a creating usefulness and utility plus we add depth by tracking behavior and collecting data to understand client brands’ audiences more intimately. Rather than just talking about brand, through technology we promote the audience to talk and share their brand experience with others. In fact – we encourage, leverage and measure it!

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Unleashing the Power of ORACLE Social

Providing a holistic view of consumer interactions, Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite includes:

  • Oracle Social Marketing: Enables marketers to centrally create, publish, moderate, manage, measure and report across multiple social campaigns and platforms. It also helps marketers publish social content, engage fans and customize their brand's look and feel.
  • Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring Cloud Service: Enables organizations to analyze social media interactions while also empowering customer service and sales teams to effectively engage with customers and prospects. It gives organizations the tools they need to understand customers and take the appropriate actions by monitoring, listening, learning, and responding to signals and trends across the social web.
  • Oracle Social Sites: provides our clients with a powerful and rich editing experience that end users can leverage to dynamically develop and launch social sites.
  • Oracle Data and Insights. A service that provides our clients real time user data, information, directory and customer insights about important behaviours and activities.

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